What is Intowork?

Intowork is a complete business management system developed specifically for scaffolding companies. Our state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is your all-in-one platform for efficiently managing your entire scaffolding operations.

Join us in embracing a new era of scaffolding resource management with Intowork.

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Intowork Modules

With a single entry point for all key data, Intowork ensures seamless integration between modules for a cohesive solution that provides an accurate real-time view of your entire project.

Pricing Module – Quoting Made Easy

Speed up your quoting process by using existing data, templates and bulk editing tools. Our pricing module effortlessly categorises line items, includes comprehensive cost elements, and guarantees data consistency. Unlock the power of easy data import, flexible tender versions, and secure locking features.

Management Module – Effortless Project Management

Efficiently assign workers to jobs and gain real-time control over labour and costs with our Management Module. Digital Instructions To Work (ITW) streamline processes, serving as handover records and populating Profit & Loss reports for transparency. GPS-based sign-ins and sign-outs ensure attendance monitoring and accurate wage calculations. Plus, automated Handover Certificates and record retention enhance efficiency and accountability.

Inspection Module – Safety First, Compliance Guaranteed

Prioritise safety and compliance with our Inspection Module. Schedule on-site inspections with photo evidence and rectification actions ITWs created. Receive completed inspection reports instantly, with follow-up actions automatically generated and scheduled in the Labour Diary Forecast (LDF). Create user-friendly health and safety inspections with ease, storing essential data conveniently in a portal for quick access.

Transport & Materials Module – Logistics Made Simple

Simplify scaffolding plant materials logistics with our Transport & Materials Module. Use existing ITW records to request on-site materials from our central Plant Catalogue. Flexible Material Order Requests (MOR) adapt to workload and stock availability, seamlessly assigning tasks to drivers and vehicles. Real-time updates and Transport Diary Forecasts (TDF) offer complete visibility with an audit trail.

How can we help?

Intowork offers a comprehensive suite of modules designed to revolutionise the way you manage your operations. From streamlining pricing, labour tracking, and material management to ensuring compliance and safety through statutory scaffold inspections and health and safety reports, Intowork is your one-stop solution.

Our user-friendly system provides real-time visibility, audit trails, and easy access to essential records, enabling you to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and accountability across all aspects of your scaffolding projects.

With Intowork, you will experience seamless coordination, improved cost control, and a safer work environment, ultimately empowering your business to thrive in the scaffolding industry.

increase in compliant handover records
reduction in attendance and payment record errors
reduction in company administration time

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